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New version is being released!

We started to release progressively the new app

Beta testers are already used with it, and thanks to their reviews, we fixed bugs and we added some improvements.

The first thing you might notice is the user interface that has been improved. The new version gives more place to display accounts by automatically hiding information displayed at the top of the list. Also, we introduced some new elements like the lock to warn you about private accounts, the follow date when it is available and you can choose the page that should be loaded by default when the app starts.

Unfollow Today - List of fans

Unfollow Today – List of fans

Also, we introduced a dark theme that you can find in the top right menu. Just check or unckeck the box to switch between light and dark theme.

Unfollow Today - Top right menu

Unfollow Today – Top right menu

We also added a support section where you can report bugs or ask for enhancements.

What about Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram shutdown the limit of their API, so it was impossible for us to maintain it. That’s why the new release no longer support Instagram.

Special thanks to Sean who suggested features!