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Important changes for Unfollow Today

You recently noticed some issues with the application. These problems were due to the fact that our application didn’t respect recent changes of the Twitter Rules. We will explain new changes with the application and why they are applied.

Our first measure was to remove a feature called “Not following back after a follow”. Though it could be an indicator, this feature could be also used in a wrong way by unfollowing accounts only because they did not follow in return.

Unfollow Today also introduces a new limit of 50 unfollows every 4 hours. There would be no way to remove this limit. This choice will prevent any abuses and let you have the best experience on Twitter.

The application displays a link to Twitter Rules, please take the time to visit it at

Also, for more information about Twitter limits, please have a look to this page:

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a good experience on Twitter with Unfollow Today.